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WellMate Vacuum Breaker 1-1/2" NPT

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WellMate Vacuum Breaker - 1/4"

WellMate Micronizer

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The Micronizer is designed to be installed in the water line just prior to the inlet of the hydro-pneumatic tank it serves. This mechanism is a venturi that draws air into the water line through the air inlet. check valve combination to continually charge the tank with air. The excess air in the tank is relieved through an AVC assembly installed in the tank.

The Micronizer is shipped with the indicator arrow set at 15 degrees on the dial. This closes slightly, the larger of the two open holes inside to create a pressure differential that allows air to be drawn into the water line. The amount of air drawn in and draw time is adjusted with the adjustment knob.

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Model # CH3929-5
Manufacturer WellMate
Shipping Weight 1
Flow Rate 0
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