Water Filtration & Treatment Systems

Maintaining proper drinking water quality is key to a healthy life. Aqua Science can help tailor your water filtration system to your specific needs. We offer a selection of systems to handle the most common types of water issues like water hardness, iron, pH, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and we can even help improve the overall taste of your water.

Water Softeners

Granular Activated Carbon Water Filtration (Odor & Taste Removal)

Centaur Carbon Water Filtration (Taste, Odor & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal)

Jacobi Catalytic Carbon Water Filtration (Taste, Odor & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal)

pH Neutralizers (Acid Neutralizing)

Birm Water Filtration (Iron & Manganese Removal)

GreensandPlus Water Filtration (Iron, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal)

Katalox Light Water Filtration (Color, Odor, Iron, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal)

Pyrolox Advantage Filtration (Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, & Arsenic Removal)

Filter-Ag Plus Water Filtration (Sediment Filtration)

Oxygen Chamber Systems (AIO) (Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron & Manganese Removal)

Anti-Scaling Water Filtration (Salt Free)

Aqua Science City Water Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis & Ultrafiltration Drinking Water Systems

Zilmet Active Flo Water ConditionersZilmet Active Flo Water Conditioners



Zilmet ActivFlo Water Conditioners


Radon Well Water Mitigation Systems

Fleck Control Valves (Water Softener & Backwash)

Fiberglass Mineral Tanks

DIY Water Testing Kits

Water Filtration Replacement Parts, Tools & Accessories

Chemical Feed Systems & Components

Well Water Chlorination Systems