35 Gallon Natural Chemical Solution Tank

35 Gallon Natural Chemical Solution Tank


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Johnson Screens, 3-25 GPM, Inline Static Mixer

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Our 1" Inline Static Mixer speeds the chemical reaction process and can be used in most chemical feed applications including soda ash and pot ash injection to neutralize water with a low ph, and chlorine injection.This improved inline mixer utilizes a unique internal design, which uses ordinary line pressure to create high levels of turbulence, enhancing the mixing of fluid additives with the product stream.  With no moving parts, the inline mixer is virtually maintenance free and installs quickly and easily with no special tools or additional components.  This mixer is used in a wider variety of processes, such as chemical blending, pH control, water treatment and chlorine mixing. This new model has several advantages over previous models. Handles higher flow rates, improved mixing performance, reduced energy consumption,larger wrench flats, reduced back pressure during operation Connections: 1" male NPT inlet and outlet 1/2" female NPT injection port.

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