Snap-in Cable Guide for 1

Snap-in Cable Guide for 1" poly pipe

15 Gallon Natural Chemical Solution Tank

15 Gallon Natural Chemical Solution Tank

Chem-Tech, Pulsafeeder, Series 100 Chemical Feed Pump


• Feed rates from 3 to 100 gpd (0.47 to 15.76 lph) / Pressures up to 100 psi (7 bar)

• Bleed Valve Assembly: Aids in the priming and relieves pressure from the discharge line

• pH Adjustment Applications: Soda Ash, Caustic

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The Chem-Tech Series 100 is the standard by which all other dosing pumps are judged, Chem-Tech Series 100/150 pumps with motorized-diaphragm technology deliver dependable performance and extended longevity. The Series 100/150 provides quiet, consistent metering over long periods of time in a compact form. Series 100 Models – The preferred metering pump for water conditioning professionals around the world. Perfect for applications where economical, consistent performance is required. Capable of a wide range of flows, from less than 3 gpd (0.47 lph) up to 30 gpd (4.72 lph) and pressures up to 100 psi (7 bar). Series 150 Models – Built upon the same solid platform as the 100 Models, these units are capable of higher flow rates. With a range offering up to 100 gpd(15.76 lph), the Series 150 can meet the demands of larger applications. Maximum pressure is 60 psi (4.2 bar).

Guided quad check valve system
Bleed valve assembly standard
Feed rate control
Duplex Models – Both series are configurable for dosing two chemicals at different rates

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Model # 100-030
Shipping Weight 10
Flow Rate 0
Warranty 1 Year
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