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Calgon F-400 Carbon Radon Mitigation System with (2) 12" x52" tanks

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Filter Sorb F-400 Activated Carbon radon mitigation system is specifically designed for the removal of lower concentrates of radon gas in water (under 10,000 pCi/L).

The system includes:
(2) 12" x 52" mineral tanks
(2) Gravel Sleeves for the tank beds
(2)  Cubic Ft of F400 carbon (total of 4 Cu. ft)
(2) Clack Down Flow utility heads with upper baskets
(2) Riser Tubes

FILTRASORB 400 is a granular activated carbon (GAC) for the removal of dissolved organic compounds from water and wastewater as well as industrial and food processing streams. These contaminants include taste and odor compounds, organic color, total organic carbon (TOC), and industrial organic compounds such as TCE,
PCE, and PFAS.

Product Features
FilterSorb F-400 Carbon is a non-chemically impregnated activated carbon. It has been surface-modified during
manufacture, to significantly enhance the carbons’ capabilities for rapidly decomposing noxious
compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, and chloramines. The~AquaSorb® CS is produced from high-quality
coconut shell carbons, and in addition to the capacity to handle sulfides and chloramines, it has a
much higher surface area that enables it to remove larger quantities of other organic species which
may be present in the system.

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Model # twin-carbon-radon
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